Why Scrumptious From Scratch?

As good Pet Parents, we want our animals to live a long healthy life. Assuring they are eating the highest quality food that meets their specific dietary needs should be priority #1. Here at Scrumptious From Scratch, we strive to offer exactly what your cat needs and desires.


Let’s explore a few reasons cat owners might have for considering adding more fiber to their cat’s diet.

High Fiber For Weight Loss

If you think your cat needs to lose weight, consult a veterinarian on the proper way to get your cat in better shape. While fiber helps dogs and people lose weight by making them feel full, it does not seem to work the same on cats. Cats tend to store carbs from fiber and might gain more weight. Generally, the best way to help a cat lose weight is to increase their protein intake and decrease their carbohydrate intake.

High Fiber For Constipation

If your cat has been spending a lot of time in the litter box, straining or making painful sounds, they may be constipated. If constipated, fiber may be a good short term solution. 

You may also want to ask yourself if she’s getting enough moisture in her diet. Your cat should always have fresh water available. You may also want to consider switching to a canned food diet to help her get more moisture.

High Fiber For Diabetes

Ideally, your cat’s diet should be high protein, low carb, and high moisture. If your cat has health issues, high fiber may be something to consider. High fiber can prevent the metabolization of glucose and fat by slowing the absorption.

In this way, your cat’s blood glucose level won’t experience a glycemic high and may even lose some weight. This would require complex carbs to work. At any rate, consult a veterinarian before making any changes to your cat’s diet.

Reducing Hairballs

Admit it, no one likes cleaning up hairballs! This chore may even be worse than cleaning out the litter box. It’s not exactly a picnic for your cat either. The three main causes of a hairball problem are not enough moisture, gastro-intestinal issues and excessive hair swallowing. Yuck!!

If the problem is too much ingested hair, a little extra fiber might help by moving it through the digestive system. The problem of not enough moisture is easily solved by providing your cat with more water. If it seems that the problem is something else, you should consult a veterinarian.

Gland Disease

Has Kitty been literally dragging her butt around? Every cat, male or female, has two sacs near the anus used for marking territory. Sometimes, these glands get infected and this can be very painful for your poor cat.

Scrumptious from Scratch is made with GMO-free, sustainably sourced fish and poultry proteins. All recipes are grain and gluten free. Each can is hand packed in a human grade FDA approved kitchens which also produce food for human consumption. All proteins meet international quality control standards and are sustainably raised and sourced.